Next Meeting: at 7.45pm on

Wednesday 1st February 2017

Downing Hall, Knowle.


Do you want to learn how to speak confidently in front of an audience?

Maybe you have to make speeches or presentations as part of your work or as a member of a social group?

Solihull Speakers Club

Best Man's Speech

Work Presentation

Job Interview

After Dinner Speech

- Pick up regular tips from experienced speakers

- Develop your confidence in front of an audience

- Suitable for anyone from absolute beginners to more experienced speakers

Friendly guidance and encouragement from other group members will help you learn everything from having the correct posture, to using your voice effectively, to writing interesting speeches on any topic that you have an interest in talking about.



For more information or to register your interest in coming along for a FREE TASTER session, please phone

Mary Smith on 01564 772 981 or Bob Fernie on 0121 704 1062







Bob Fernie holds the attention of the audience.

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Mary Smith

Educational Evening Host


*** Educational Event***


A recent club meeting

was hosted by our most experienced member, Mary Smith, who in a change from a normal club meeting, ran an educational session to give new speakers a thorough display of the skills you need to develop in order to become a great public speaker.

Mary has over 40 years experience in public speaking and was delighted to be able to share this with the group.